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Basic Garage Door Tips

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Basic Garage Door Tips

Our tips section is full of useful & informative suggestions!

When you need a spring or a cable replaced, our experts are the team to call. But for simple questions you can handle yourself, scroll down and check out our helpful tips page for many useful and informative suggestions.

Make sure your garage door weather-stripping are in a good condition

The seals on the bottom and sides of your garage door are used to prevent rodents and insects, as well as rain and snow from getting inside your garage. They also provide a little bit of added insulation as well. This is why you need to make sure their condition is always optimal, and to get them replaced if they become to worn or damaged.

Check your opener's delay timer

Your garage door opener's automatic timer should be set for long enough to allow you to get in or out of your garage, but not so long that it is still open long after you have forgotten to close it. If you aren't sure of how to set the automatic timer, call our experts to come and set this feature for you.

Check the Auto-Reverse Feature of Your Opener

To test this feature you need to place something under your door. A cardboard box would do. Now you need to use the opener to close the door. If the door doesn't move, or starts to close but then reverses, the safety sensors detected the obstacle properly. However, if your door touches the box, the sensors have failed, and probably need to be either realigned or replaced.


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