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Easy replacement of Garage door springs

Simple directions on how to replace your garage door torsion springs with ease in case of a break down. Easy tips for handymen who want to inspect their garage door systems and make sure they work properly and safely.

  • Check the Auto-Reverse Safety Features

    The auto-reverse safety features are found in a lot of contemporary garage doors that are designed to minimize the risk of injury. You can resort to a simple method to get these features tested. Place a brick or a wood underneath the door. Ideally, the door should reverse its motion as soon as it touches the object on its way down.

  • Garage door safety

    Our garage door experts recommend that you regularly check if the sensor functions well. Never leave your remote in an unlocked car and do not attempt to tamper with the mechanism of the door. Keep your wall mounted door opener out of reach of children so they will not be tempted to play with it.

  • Fix noisy parts

    It's vital to pay attention to any garage door noise out of the ordinary. In most cases, noises are just signals for lubrication maintenance but they might also mean that a few nuts and screws need tightening or some garage door parts need alignment. Pay attention where the noise comes from and check the parts at this point.

  • Don’t Open your Garage More than Necessary

    Experts agree that opening your garage door excessively causes wear and tear on the cables and gears, making it less effective and more in need of repair. Only open your garage door when you have to.

  • The door does not open or close smoothly

    This problem involves issues on the springs and on the cable. These parts of the garage door seriously needs professional help for safety purposes. A garage door should work smoothly even if it is old. Don't wait for your door to struggle for long.

  • Test the door sensors

    The door sensors must be thoroughly inspected as recommended by experienced repairmen like Garage Door Repair Boynton Beach. Test the opener’s sensitivity through placing a 2x4 or an empty cardboard box under the bottom of the garage door, and then close the door through the remote control. The door will touch the object and should automatically return to the open position.

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