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Summer is probably the best time for any type of painting really. Of course, early autumn or late spring are also fine choices, as long as they aren't too windy and cold. Naturally, you'll want your door to dry as quickly as possible, as you may need to apply several layers to preserve the condition of the panels.
As far as models go, the answer is yes - a lot. Every brand has its own distinct variations. As far as types, the answer is also yes - but only three. Chain-drive units are loud and strong, belt-drive models are very silent, but also tend to be more expensive, and screw-drive openers require very little maintenance, but they aren't exactly quiet. Every model belongs to one of the three different types, and the main difference between all three is - as you can tell - their drive-system.
The reason for this is simple. Dirt and debris tend to accumulate inside the tracks, which can cause the rollers to get stuck. It may even cause the door to get off track, which can be incredibly dangerous. Cleaning the tracks on a regular basis is therefore extremely important.

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