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These are some garage door repair FAQs. Get the answers to all your questions from the experts.

  • Q: Why glass doors are ecofriendly?

    A: Glass garage doors are not completely green but they can certainly contribute to energy saving to a large extent. They allow the natural light penetrating the garage and they are usually extra insulated and come with double layers. Thus, they will cut down significantly on energy consumption and if you will also add some garage door parts of recycled materials, they would be even greener.

  • Q: Is fiberglass garage door a good option for homes?

    A: The fiberglass garage door is re-emerging as one of the choices for homeowners. Most of these garage doors come with factory pre-stained finishing. Fiberglass garage doors offer richness of the wood garage door minus the need for regular upkeep. These garage doors usually come with horizontal or vertical raised panels creating a look that isunrivaled by any other door material. Fiberglass is also lightweight and professionals at Boynton Beach advise that this is the ideal material if you need a door that is resistant and translucent.

  • Q: Which is the best season for garage door painting?

    A: You need sunny and warm days and that's why experts from Garage Door Repair Boynton Beach would suggest the summer. Early autumn or late spring would also be fine as long as it is not windy and it is hot. Garage doors need to dry well and fast and you wouldn't want elements sticking on your freshly painted door in a windy day. Hence, it is wise to consult weather predictions earlier.

  • Q: Are there different kinds of door openers?

    A: Yes, there are different kinds of door openers that may be used to your garage door. Chain drives make use of a chain in opening and closing doors, while a belt drive uses a belt mechanism for such function. Meanwhile, screw drives and direct drives are two other options which use corkscrew and torsion bars, respectively, for opening and closing doors. All these can be done by Garage Door Repair Boynton Beach experts.

  • Q: Why do I need to clean my garage door tracks?

    A: Garage door metal tracks should be cleaned from time to time to avoid damages as dents and flat spots. This part of the garage door is inclined to get hardened grease and dirt that will make damages to the metal tracks. When this happens, the garage door becomes noisy and will not work smoothly. The door will consequently have a hard time opening and closing.

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